We are Unique

Looking to turn your house into a home, for real? Let Housedecors take care of it for you.

We believe that interior designing is a bit like cooking your favourite dish – you need to know which ingredients to put together and how, to whip up a spicy, tangy or sweet dish, just the kind you like. Which is why, as experienced yet modern-age home interior designers, we listen when you share with us your dreams, aspirations, and what you (not a friend or neighbour) have in mind.

Then we start planning, together. The implementation starts when we understand each other perfectly and there is no room for doubt. No matter what your budget is or how much space you have, Housedecors can come up with beautiful and customised home interior design ideas that promise comfort and functionality too.

We know that no two homes can be (or should be) the same. And that is exactly what gives us the inspiration to play around with materials, colours, textures, shapes, and lights. Whether you are looking for snazzy inbuilt shelves, ergonomic or bold furniture, soothing yet trendy lighting, refreshing indoor gardens, textured wall panels, smart modular kitchens or compact yet stylish bathrooms, we can do it all. For us, perfection is what you think it is!

So, what all do we keep in mind while designing your home? How much space you have – Space determines what you can include in your home and what you might need to give a miss. But don’t fret. We know exactly how to balance style and cosiness, while keeping clutter at bay, no matter how big or small your house is.

What scheme or theme you have in mind – Modern, minimalistic, oriental, colonial, Asian, rustic and traditional are among the many home interior design schemes you may have in mind. So, we study your space and the basics to determine what is doable and will suit your goal.

Which materials to use – From wood, MDF, stone and ply to glass, metal, veneer and laminate, there are so many options to pick from when we are designing a home. There are countless textiles to experiment with as well, like cotton, silk, wool, blends, velvet, and leather. So, what we do is consider your needs, tastes and budget, and then use our expertise to create a home that will delight your senses and look gorgeous.

What goes where – We believe that the placement of lights, furniture and décor accents can make a world of difference to a modern house interior. Which is why, we plan it in a way so that every room is visually balanced, easy to move around in, interesting and practical.

What kind of light to use – While there is nothing that can match natural light, we know that every room in your house cannot have an equal advantage. So, we brainstorm and bring in artificial lights that complement your interiors, look fashionable, and create the exact mood you want.

Which colours, textures and patterns will work – Do you want your home interior décor to reflect your personality, attitude towards life, and aspirations? Or maybe you want it to evoke wonderful memories, a sense of nostalgia, or a feeling of safety? There is nothing better than colours, textures and patterns to create the exact look and vibe you want.

If our vision matches yours – As leading home interior designers in Chennai, we make sure you can “envision” the outcome before we get started with the implementation phase. We have all the tools and software necessary to bring your interiors to life digitally, before it becomes a reality. This way, you know that you will be satisfied!

We are Unique

Design & Customization
Suit Your lifestyle

We do not repeat designs across projects nor do we copy designs from the internet - Each project is unique and suited to the lifestyle and taste of the owning family.

Zero Compromise on Material

We do not compromise on the material for interiors - we use superior materials the best brands across the globe.

No Outsourcing
In house design

We do not outsource the work to external execution agencies - we have our own team of Carpenters, Electricians, Painters, Masons and Workmen who execute across all our projects.

Affordable Pricing
Budget & Luxury Homes

We offer the best rates in the markets at the same time we do not compromise on the quality. "Ordinary rates - Extra ordinary results" is our mantra.

Personally supervised

We do not spread ourselves too thin, as a policy we do not take on more than 5 concurrent turnkey projects at a time, each personally supervised.

After sales support

We believe after sales is our problem and not yours hence our obsession to use top quality material. However we are available if you need support anytime in the future.

Why Choose Us

  • We do wonders with every budget, so that you get your money’s worth
  • The feedback from our customers is the proof you need to join hands with us
  • From design visualisation to planning to execution, we take care of it all
  • Say goodbye to stress once you tell us what you need
  • We always abide by delivery dates as we value your precious time
  • We are experts at working with countless themes, materials, textures, colours and ideas
  • No matter how small or big your house is, we turn it into a unique home
  • Our designs combine beauty, comfort and functionality to make you smile

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